5 Tips For Fair After Divorce

Divorce became a common occurrence in the modern era. After so many years of living together, many couples decide to divorce due to incompatibility in home life stairs. Plus the various problems and pressures that come from here and there.

During the process of divorce, one thing that can not escape from the glasses is the treasure gono gini. The division of property becomes a very crucial moment and is often debated by divorced parties.

In order for the divorce process does not heat up, following tips division of gono gini treasures that can be practiced.

1. Counting Whole Price Amount

The first step that can be done when dividing the treasure gono gini is to calculate the amount of property that is owned thoroughly. Whether it’s tangible or intangible property.

Both are calculated first to know the amount of property owned.
The process of calculating the amount of property should be done by both divorced parties plus “witness party”.

If one day one party sues the other due to fraud in the process of calculating property, the witness can be made “strong evidence” to explain all related processes with this point. That way, both divorced parties are lucky instead of losing money.

2. Selling Owned Treasures

The process of calculating the treasury becomes easier if it has been disbursed in cash or cash. This is why the average person who is divorced chooses to sell a portion of the possessed possession to knowing how much to give to one party and the other.

The process of selling the property can be done if the divorced parties agree to sell it. The most commonly sold treasures to be distributed are houses, apartments, land, cars, and jewelry.

3. Divide Equal Treasure

After selling all or part of the property, hereinafter is to share the same amount of treasure. If the husband gets Rp 2 billion, the wife must also receive Rp2 billion. This condition applies if the divorce party has not been awarded a child.

However, when the child is blessed, the portion of the property distribution must be done according to the applicable law.

One party who gets “child custody” is entitled to a larger portion because it has a big responsibility to care for and finance the child until the child grows up.

4. Buying Back the Sale Property

Sell ​​and buy back the treasures sold are often done by the divorced party with the reasons “can not be separated” or “too dear” the treasure. This reason was motivated by some motives depending on what the divorced person feels.

The process of reowned or getting back the treasures sold needs a quick process so that the property does not have time to fall into the hands of others.

The lobbying process is also needed where one party should be willing to contact the other to ask for the process of “getting back” and then negotiating to reach an agreement.

5. Divide Inheritance to Children

Some divorcees decide to divide the inheritance to the child in order to avoid a prolonged conflict. Just as the process of dividing property between husband and wife.

The division of property to the child must also be equal. That is, the husband or wife must give the same amount to the child. The division of inheritance can only be done when the child is 18 years and over.

If the child is still under age, the distribution of the property shop like hargapromosupermarket.com can be done by a will certifying the amount the child is entitled to from both parents. Inheritance submission is valid at second the child’s parents have died.

Distribution of Property in accordance with the Law Process

Divorce is indeed the most avoided, but inevitable for the common good. Everything related to the gono property must be completed before the official

It is better to invite a lawyer or lawyer in the distribution of gono gini property to avoid a conflict that will harm one of the parties in the future. By division property based on applicable law, all parties will feel treated fairly.

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