6 Genius Ideas to Hide Your Washing Machine in Bathroom

6 Genius Ideas to Hide Your Washing Machine in Bathroom

Compared to refrigerators and stoves – currently available in the form of design solutions that perfectly integrate into environments, giving decorative value – washing machines have not changed in the last 20 years, at least in aesthetic terms. On the contrary, they continue to be a device that certainly does not stand out for its beauty, so much so that they are often hidden in the service areas of the house. An escamotage that is not always possible to use, so sometimes they end up being placed in the bathroom, though it is not ideal from the point of view of home furnishings. To safeguard the aesthetics of the bathroom, therefore, they seek solutions that can hide the washing machine. But some factors need to be taken into account.

First, it should be remembered that washing machines may need to be repaired or replaced. If the machine is placed in a dedicated niche, it should be moved without major problems. Those who buy a washing machine also have to calculate the size well enough to have enough space to open and close the door. In short, even what seems trivial can become a problem, even just because there is not enough space for loading the device.

Build a structure with sliding doors

A good solution is to put the washing machine in a niche that suits its size, so you can take advantage of every inch available. Because washing machines are not properly decorative, you could cover the niche with sliding or folding doors.

In this way, the device is easily hidden from view, remaining behind the sliding door, but it can be opened quickly if necessary.

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Integrated solutions

Another solution is to incorporate the washing machine into the bathroom furniture in this case the appliance is encased in a discrete sized cabinet but overall remains invisible enough. However, it is very important that there is enough room in the bathroom to allow for the construction of this additional system.

As the image shows, the washing machine remains hidden and does not adversely affect the aesthetics of space, as is often the case. This solution is especially useful for those who are building a home and still have to buy the washing machine; for those who have the environment already structured, other solutions must be considered.

Hidden behind the curtains

A very simple and at the same time inexpensive solution is to hide the washing machine behind the curtains. To do this, just buy a suitable size device and then simply buy tailor made curtains.

If the washing machine has been placed in a niche, the tent can simply be positioned with the help of an auction. If there is an angle, the curtain can start from the wall and cover the plug of the appliance as well.

This solution is not really the most attractive from the aesthetic point of view, but it’s cheap and at the same time lets hide the washing machine. If the curtain fabric is original, your bathroom will also gain it in beauty.

Custom shelves

Due to the location of water taps in the house, the washing machine is often placed in the bathroom because of the strength of things. In these cases there is not much choice and the device must be placed in the available space, even though it lacks aesthetics. The type of furniture you choose and the presence of shelves, however, can make the difference and offer a good solution the washing machine fits the environment and at the same time allows you to have extra space to put the objects on.

Some manufacturers also offer washing cabinets, in a single composition of bathroom furniture a solution that, in addition to being useful and simple, makes the environment more homogenous from a cosmetic point of view. Also for this reason we recommend this option! The laundry room also can be equipped with shelves, baskets and other useful things.

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