Accessories For Photography

Accessories For Photography

Amateurs or professionals, the accessories are a must for photography whether it’s an easel or a bag port equipment, the photographer will sooner or later have to deal with his wallet and, above all, with the space available!

Of studio lamps have already talked about this before, but what other everyday objects we have to take into consideration when we decide to turn us into photographers In this article I have tried to summarize the ones you use most frequently I forget something

Protection for SLR

Although it may seem superfluous to have a protection for the reflex it is crucial. You can proceed in a couple of ways using makeshift tools or buying something ready sewa sound system jakarta. For makeshift tools, the most convenient solution is to use the bags of the dome-pack with a little ‘patience and dexterity can build an emergency cap able to pass, for example, a night to’ open to our unit. In the case in which Facciani several pictures in conditions of high humidity or even water, can only attraccarci with something more resistant and professional a water-repellent hood.

A solution such as that of the picture, however, is not cheap it starts from 150 € to which, if necessary, add the accessory price necessary to cover an external flash, which is also from the fairly high price (we’re on 4050 €).

If you want to save, you can resort to surgical gowns Disposable made of lightweight plastic material, they are ideal for emergency situations, because their price fluctuates around the ten euro. By contrast have the drawback of the increased difficulty in mount them as well as the difficulty of access commands (usually are unique pieces without slits or service counters.

Attention to the press it’s a piece of paper or a monitor, you must also consider this magnification. For example, if we have a subject photographed in 1 1 ratio with a large 24x16mm sensor and perform a print on a large sheet 250x200mm, then the final magnification ratio will be equal to 1X multiplied 10X, and 10X.

flash bracket

In cases where the flash or the illuminator are too large and too heavy to mount sull’hot toe of the camera, the solution is to use a bracket that hooks on the machine base photograph, the screw normally used for the easel (a much more durable and able to withstand a weight dozens of times higher than that of the hot toe.

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