How to Sign Netflix without a Credit Card

The Netflix is the platform for watching movies and most popular series of today. Although the online video streaming system requests a credit card, it is possible to subscribe to the movie and TV series platform with other forms of payment without needing a card number, such as automatic debit in a checking account. Learn the best method to pay your monthly fee without using a credit card. Recently, Netflix has also introduced prepaid gift cards that do not require the use of credit cards and can be paid in cash at the stores.

Signing up on Netflix

Step 1. Go to the Netflix website and hit the “Start your free month” button;

Step 2. Select the preferred subscription plan and click “Continue”;

Step 3. Enter your email and create a password from 4 to 60 digits. Click the “Create an account” button;

Step 4. On the payment information screen, click on “Debit in account” (obs: this option is only valid for Itaú, HSBC, Bradesco and Santander clients);

Step 5. Enter your full name, CPF number, bank, agency number and checking account. Check the box “I am over 18 years old …” and click the “Start subscription” button;

Step 6. Your Netflix account is already created and the payment of the subscription will be made via an automatic debit to the checking account. Click “Continue” to start watching your movies and TV shows.

You may need to follow the following additional steps:

Step 7. Read the Netflix payment policy via automatic debit and click “Agree and Continue”;

Step 8. On the next screen, press “Start subscription”;

Step 9. Your Netflix account is already created and payment will be made with automatic debit. Click “Continue” to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

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