Male Hairstyle That Favored by Women. Must Read!

Male Hairstyle That Favored by Women

Often what women first see in men is their hairdo. The right haircut, can attract the attention of women. Well, for the men who want to know the hairstyle that women love, here are the models.

Male Hairstyle That Favored by Women

  • Zac Efron Style

This hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions, such as going to invite women to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant or go to a party. This type of male hair that can be styled like this is straight and a little thick. Way, split the hair to the side, apply wax, do not comb it until neat and deflated. Let it to be natural and the hairdo to be filled and wavy.

  • Curly-Wave Style

For a curly-haired man does not mean can not look stylish. Cut the side of the hair to be rather thin. Cut short the middle area of ​​hair, but not too thin. Let the hair a bit thick with curly shows that characterize.

  • 50s Style

The vintage hair look of the ’50s is again the trend this year. Greasy hair made him seem more mature and professional. Cut off the side of the hair. Split the edge, then the hairstyles become a bit tired. Use wax to make hair look slick.

  • American Style

This piece of hair will become fashionable in 2012. Women who like to follow the trend, would like men with this hairstyle model like this. The tip is, just thin the right and left side. The center of the hair, remains a little long and thick. Go to the side of the hair and give a little hairspray to keep the hair look.

  • Modern Elvis Style

High-headed men’s hair will also be the trend of 2012, which of course also favored women. Let the hair stay a little long and thick. Sasak hair and comb to the back, and formed Elvis Presley hair-crested hair. Like in this hairstyles for over 60 with glasses articles.

  • Short Spike Style

The hair spike model will still be a woman for all time. Of course this hairstyle is very safe for men. The difference, the top is not too long or short to be arranged varies.

  • Taylor Lautner Style

Another safe male hair style is short and thin hair a la Taylor Lautner. This haircut is also preferred by many women, especially office women.

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