Singapore Short Vacation For A Business Trip

Singapore Short Vacation For A Business Trip

If you work for a large company or for a multinational company, chances are you are in Singapore sooner or later. Know that the city-state that will stand before your eyes only 700 years ago was a large fishing village.

Today it is a jungle of futuristic architecture inhabited by almost six million people that will remind you of the Wachowskis film scenarios.

But do not be surprised if, at the end of a conference on the fortieth floor of a steel and glass skyscraper, some neo-colleague with the latest model of Bluetooth headset comes up and hands you his business card holding it strictly with two hands best time to visit mexico, as indeed would do with a banknote or any other piece of paper.

Here the technology wears Western and meets a genuine tradition all Eastern perfectly preserved up to the present day. You are in a cauldron of peoples and languages, a free, boundless metropolis whose history has made it a cosmopolitan conglomeration of colors, cultures and extraordinary globalization.


20 km from the center of Singapore, Changi is the main of the city’s eight airports, among the busiest and most important in the world. Also one of the most innovative and efficient, considering that the procedures of security checks take place directly at the gates, a motive of pure enthusiasm for all late passengers, who will no longer be forced to beat speed records along the people-mover.

The most used transport system to move from the airport into the city – and vice versa – is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and, as we know, venturing on the subway is the most fascinating (and challenging) way to get to know one place new. Taxis are an equally quick alternative; or maybe Uber, if you really want to avoid having to explain to the taxi driver in some strange language where you are heading.


You will not have reason to bother you once in Singapore. You are practically at the center of the service and economy world, so your telephone provider may already have roaming agreements with local communications. If you come often or you need to stay a long time, you’d better get a local SIM card for the purchase of which you will be asked to show your passport.

No anxieties even for lovers of social networks you will find Internet access everywhere – bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, public offices – and you can in any case take advantage of Wireless @ SG, a Wi-Fi service up to 5Mbps managed by the local government and available throughout the city.

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