The 5 Most Remote Places In The World Ideas For The Next Trip

The 5 Most Remote Places In The World Ideas For The Next Trip


If your thirst for travel has not been satisfied with the last summer vacation, and you can not wait to escape miles and miles away from home and office then this post is right for you.

Today we offer you a list of 5 most remote places in the world, special destinations that require a long journey, but that will surely leave you speechless once you reach them. Places on the edge of the world, each with its own particularity that makes it special.
Tristan da Cunha – British overseas territory of Saint Helena

About 2,400 kilometers south of Cape Town, Tristan de Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world and the island of the same name has only 300 inhabitants living on fishing and agriculture.

There is no better place than this if you want to isolate completely there is in fact only one Internet café on the entire island and no network coverage travelhoundsusa, but it is above all a destination difficult to reach and even more difficult to leave! It can take up to 6 days to reach Tristan da Cunha from the Cape Bay port of Cape Town and since there are very few boats that run this route, sometimes you have to wait a few weeks to leave the island.
Longyearbyen (Svalbard Islands, Norway)

Here is the northernmost city in the world! Longyearbyen was founded in 1906 as a mining town and most of its population is still mainly engaged in coal mining.

The sighting of reindeer, foxes and majestic polar bears is the order of the day and the only way to orient oneself is to remember the buildings and the number of mines, because there are no street names. From April to August the sun never sets, so you can see the old city in the sunlight for 24 hours!

Ojmjakon (Siberia, Russia)

Would you be able to spend your holidays in the coldest village in the world Although the risk of freezing is real, with a cold winter that can reach -60 ° C, as many as 500 people live here all year. They left to hunt deer in the vast snowy areas, go fishing on ice or take a bath in natural hot springs.

Very close to the Arctic Circle, Ojmjakon is a huge permanently frozen area, where nothing grows. Your diet here will be based on reindeer or horse meat.

The only way to get to the city Drive from Yakutsk, the nearest city, preparing for two days of travel along the 930 km that separate the two cities.

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