The ANPAL Serve Something Or Zero Will Count As Employment Centers?

The ANPAL Serve Something Or Zero Will Count As Employment Centers?

According to the latest official reports, the number of unemployed would be slowly decreasing as a result – almost daily proclaims the Government – of the goodness of the various legal provisions that make up the Jobs Act and the recovery of our economy, which is also due (Just watch me ‘ !) at the same Government.

Apart from the fact that this recovery of the “zero-point” has a positive effect recovery, moreover evident, the international economy konsultan pajak jakarta, it should be emphasized that the decline in the number of jobless is also a direct result of – yes unfortunately concrete and determined – the number of those who renounce to register as unemployed kept from employment centers because they feel that this recognition will serve to all except to get a job.

And this is precisely one of the fundamental problem of unemployment in Italy. These offices, whose only real reform in the last 30-40 years has been the name change (the town was employment offices), a total of almost 600 people who work there nearly 10,000, for a total cost of about 500 million euro per year, 3/4 of which were spent to pay salaries.

According to the latest official figures the employment centers would be able to find work only about 3% of the total registered as unemployed, and that is only to those who are entitled to compulsory employment. A complete failure and absurd when compared to the actual drama, newspaper of who is in desperate need of a job and when compared to the efficiency, true, of the Labour offices of countries like Germany, France or Spain itself that even has a unemployment rate double than ours. It ‘true that public spending for services on the labor market was here in Italy, in 2014, 0.03 percent of GDP, was that less than one tenth of that of Germany and 1/8 of that of France and Spain. But it is also true that our offices have work to do not work always. Just go one morning in any of these offices: the desolation, confusion, long lines to receive an exemption from health ticket, discounts about subscribing to the bus or the right to be included in the lists for public housing.

Here, apart from some excellence in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, this only serve employment centers! The Government is well aware that, precisely in order to radically change this almost total ineffectiveness and uselessness, has dedicated a special decree (150 of 14 September last) to the reorganization of the entire legislation on employment services, by establishing, with effect from 1 January 2016, a new body, the National Agency for the active labor market policies (ANPAL), which are entrusted, in addition to the coordination of all other persons competent in this matter (the Centers’ employment, private agencies, INPS, Inail, ISFOL, Italy Jobs, chambers of commerce, universities, etc.), many important tasks for the management of the labor market.

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