The Power Of Gratitude To Change The Mood

If you are going through a complicated moment you can thank what you have and give a drastic turn to your situation. Here we give you some tips.

Being grateful is an attitude that, unlike any other remedy, has the power to change the mood …

Do not wait for your circumstances to change or for the people around you to change and then be happy. Do not let the hostility of others hijack your attitude! You can feel much better if you decide to take the path of gratitude.

Take an inventory of what you do have

This step can be difficult if you are going through a difficult time: it is easier to make a list of what is wrong around you, than what is working. Maybe this task will take time, but take an inventory of what you do have, what you have received, of the people around you for which you have to be grateful, of your talents, abilities, strengths, of those who invest in your life.

You will take more, especially if your mind has been involved in yourself or in your circumstances, but this inventory will cause you to exit the hole in which you find yourself.

Change your conversation

Talk about what you are receiving, the complaint is the opposite of gratitude. A person who passes on the complaint can not be grateful at the same time.

It is true that we all have something to complain about, but the complaint does not change your situation, the only thing that does is poison your soul with bitterness, it depresses you, makes the problem bigger, and takes you away from the solution more and more. When you decide to be grateful for what you have, and that is your conversation, you will be in a better state to be able to make correct decisions.

Give what you received

If someone gave you opportunities, now look for someone to give him a chance. If someone gave you good advice, now give it to someone who needs it. Being grateful for him now will move you to give the same to others.

Express your appreciation to others with your words

Maybe the people around you do not feel loved by you. Their attitude towards you is hostile and they are on the defensive. You can take the first step with a letter thanking them for what they are and have received from them. Words have a higher and transcendent power than gifts. Your children will put the toys aside, but they can never get rid of your words.

If you decide to have a grateful heart, you will give a drastic turn to the situation, the people around you will admire your actions and they will imitate you. We are going to infect people! Let’s not get them with our complaints, bitterness and disappointment, but with our gratitude. Get up today and take the first step! The results will surprise you! By the way, you can read more at

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