These Are The Worst Mistakes You Make When Managing Your Time

Learn to take advantage of every minute of the day in your company, avoid distractions and get rid of the slopes that make you less productive.

As entrepreneurs, we need to maximize our efforts and reduce leisure time. I am convinced that we all know that our most valuable asset is time and that no matter what areas of opportunity our company has, we know that with the necessary time we could be better and better than our competitors.

Even so, however conscious our need to manage time, the reality is that it is an endless struggle to dedicate our efforts between what is urgent and what is important.

It is very common that entrepreneurs who have not been able to master the art of time management say “If only the days last longer!” Or “I can not lead a balanced life because I do not have a tempo” or worse “My company absorbs me

For me, as for many entrepreneurs, every day is a real challenge and, although sometimes we can obtain great triumphs over the administration of time, it is an art that must be worked on constantly to get it to dominate.

The principle of Vilfredo Pareto tells us that 80% of our results are derived from 20% of our efforts. Would not it be great to be able to know in what 20% to concentrate?

Time is a resource that, regardless of our age or social class, we all have. The answer to the question of why we should master the art of managing time is simple: With this resource some of us manage to do more than others … so would not it be worthwhile to know how I can get the most out of it and be more efficient?

Well, although I would love it if the days were longer to be able to lead a more balanced life, I share with you the five mistakes that I have made and that you will surely make when administering yourself. Every time we manage to avoid these mistakes we can accumulate small triumphs that will assure us great victories.

Mistake # 1: Not having a list of pending

Did you happen that at the end of the day you remember that you had to do something important but that you forgot? Me too, and it’s a horrible feeling that happens for not having a list of pending.

I always carry two lists with me. One in which I write down everything I have to do and check what is accomplished and another list that I rewrite every morning and in which I order the tasks to be carried out during the day. I try that the tasks that I write down in a day are the ones that I really think I can achieve.

It is not about setting impossible goals , but about being able to finish as soon as possible with all pending of that other list. It has worked for me to be as specific as possible in what I want to achieve with those earrings and take them both in writing and on the cell phone and computer.

Mistake # 2: Do not set goals that help us establish priorities

We all believe we know what we want to achieve with our ventures, but knowing our goals does not mean we know what our goals are. Do you know in a measurable way what you expect to get in three months or a year? How many prospects, how many customers?

Having measurable and achievable goals allows us to know where we are going. When we are aware of this, it is easier to give priority to our pending and we discard those that do not help us. Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic by nature and as such it is hard for us to know the difference between what is important and what is most important.

It was difficult for me to discern between what helped me to achieve my goals and what I considered important but did not really add to the final goal. But now that I have my goals to three and six months and that the activities to achieve them I have them in my list of pending is easier for me to do.

Mistake # 3: Not knowing what to do with distractions

Have you tried to add up the time you spend on the day in ‘distractions’? Taking into account that a distraction is to perform an activity that does not help you reach your goals, how many of these activities do you do during the time that you should supposedly be focused on only meeting your goals?

Once I did this exercise and I realized that for more than two hours a day I performed tasks that were foreign to my earrings. Activities that are not necessarily bad, but that were not destined to occupy a space in my agenda during that time. Activities such as giving a small revised Facebook to see if the world remained the same; Check WhatsApp to see what new occurrence I was; serve me five cups of coffee; read 80 emails; Take a call offering me a credit card or attend the latest news on YouTube.

You will agree with me that we can not live without these activities, but that we can assign them a specific time in our agenda instead of “stealing” time that is destined for other activities.

Error # 4: Postpone

This I consider the error number one so that any other technique to manage your time goes to the trash. No matter how well you have organized your list of pending and how aligned to your goals and objectives, if we fail to fight against the temptation to “postpone” or “do it later”, we will never master the art of managing our time.

Each activity that we postpone is accumulated within an immense snowball that will soon leave us motionless.

Mistake # 5: Biting more than you can chew

Whenever I am in a problem caused by not having managed my time, I remember the movie ” Yes Man ” (translated to Spanish as “Yes, Lord”) in which Jim Carrey He stars Carl Allen, a character who is challenged to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes his way in life.

I believe that this film embodies the reality of millions of entrepreneurs in the world, because with the enthusiasm, joy and adrenaline of creating companies, we say “YES” to every opportunity presented to us. You, like me, have surely enjoyed the joys of saying “YES” to everything.

If I am honest this word has often led me to live the best adventures and business opportunities. There is only one problem: time is a limited resource and we can not say yes to everything. We must be very careful because then comes a time when we “bit more than we could chew” and often this plays against our reputation or actions that we can not reverse.

Think very well what to say yes and be very assertive to learn to say NO. In the end, 20% of our efforts will achieve 80% of our results from source

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