Wallpaper, All The Pros And Cons

Wallpaper, All The Pros And Cons

All the pros and cons of the wallpaper. Back in fashion strongly in recent years, it seems to be the best choice for those who point to an extreme personalization of the house. The advantage is definitely the card allows us to dress a room, but also attention to the disadvantages, because there are none. Let’s find out together!

E ‘was literally a must for all the’ 80s, until too eccentric fantasies and micro-floral prints began to tire, aided by the typical yellowing of the quality of paper, very different from what is used today. The wallpaper, like it or not, for some years is literally back in fashion and is the right solution when we want to renew a room without changing the furniture. It ‘nice to see and easy to clean jual rumput sintetis, but there are also small side effects of which we should take into account before you take the plunge and papering the walls of the house.
Advantages of wallpaper

One of the advantages definitely is its long life, so it can be very convenient, especially if there are children in the home, who are often attracted by the white walls. The cost of the wallpaper is accessible and will pay for itself over time, as opposed to that of paint a rule the walls of the house should be repainted every two or three years, while the cost of the card is being amortized over a period ranging from 8 to 10 years, even longer if we do a little ‘attention to maintenance.

And most interesting aspect is, the high possibility of customization you can accentuate the walls of the house than others, create custom graphics, in short, we can truly make a unique and unprecedented a wall, and it is said that you should necessarily apply throughout the room. Often, in fact, it is used to highlight a point of the room where, for example, will be positioned a sofa.

wallpaper cons

The wallpaper is difficult to apply than paint, but once you learn how it becomes a breeze. Usually those who are not expert relies on someone, especially if the intention is to cover with wallpaper all casa.Un walls bit ‘like paint, wallpaper tends to get dirty or damaged easily so requires a lot of care, especially in the maintenance.For example, direct exposure to the sun or the smoke can alter the color, so if you are heavy smokers in the house may not be the best choice.

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